Duffee Finishing, Inc:
4860 N County Line Rd
Sunbury, OH 43074, US

Phone: 740-965-4848
Fax: 740-965-4603
E-mail: duffeepowder@embarqmail.com

The goal of Duffee Finishing, Inc. (DFI) is to provide quality finished products in a value-added, customer responsive manner as a service to manufacturers, and create long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.


What are the factors to consider when selecting Duffee Finishing, Inc.


Quality � Quality is "a measurable degree of excellence".  DFI is willing to provide references, as well as an on-site walk-through to prospective customers. We can provide sample products for inspection including a wide rage of colors and textures. The quality of the application is the hallmark of our successful and professional powder operation.

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Customer friendly technical support and a problem solving aptitude - People not machines operate DFI and the company's structure is important.  The quality assurance people report directly to management or production personnel to insure that all issues clearly involve management direction. DFI has a Mission Statement and a Quality Commitment Statement evidenced through employee and training programs provided by industry regulators.  DFI has an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional management staff supported by technically competent support personnel which complement a well-trained finishing system crew: several who have been with the company over 10 years.


Capabilities � Diversity is said to be the key to success in any metal finishing company and powder coating is no exception. DFI has an adequate facility size, quality up-to-date equipment, proper tools for testing and a staff capable of supporting all of the requirements as outlined in the finishing specification. Do not overlook or underestimate the importance of the pretreatment process. Again, a short tour of the DFI facility will offer a wealth of information regarding the company's strengths and weaknesses.  

Everything from Stairs to Smaller Parts


PriceWhat is a fair price? Be prepared to compare price between custom finishers only after a thorough evaluation of the total service DFI provides. Evaluate DFI�s complete package of all costs and activities associated with delivering a quality finish on time. Remember that an exact "apples to apples" comparison between two companies producing the same services rarely exists in the real world. Price is simply a factor of Cost + Profit. It is safe to say that no two companies, or finishing systems within the same company for that matter, have the same cost basis. Labor rates, insurance, floor space, transportation, system efficiencies, utilities, materials, and other significant costs differ greatly from one company or system to the next. DFI does not assume that the price difference is only in the profit margin.


Packaging and Delivery - On-time delivery is another important consideration for DFI. DFI has the means to finish and deliver the product to you on time, every time. DFI�s system capacity, current customer base, and current workload play a significant role in their ability to deliver on time. Packaging details must also be discussed to insure the product will arrive to the assembly destination without damage.


Types and Condition of EquipmentDoes the custom finisher have the necessary equipment to do the job right? Is the equipment in good condition and well maintained? Find out if the custom finisher has the right equipment to do a quality job. The current condition of DFI�s equipment and it�s effective preventative maintenance program is important to your company, both short and long term. The negative effects of unplanned shutdowns, or equipment failures can be devastating to a manufacturing company operating in a just-in-time environment. A visit and tour of the DFI finishing facility is highly recommended. As a professional custom finishers, we are proud of our facilities, and confident of our abilities, and will be glad to show you around their facilities without hesitation. The time taken to visit DFI will be well worth the effort.  DFI�s versatility provides the ability to handle prototypes, small runs, as well as large volume production.  Specifically we offer two production methods:


        Gas fired convection oven: Off line batch system with a working capability of 6' x 8' x 20'

        Gas fired Infrared oven: Production line system offers capability for parts sized up to 26" x 40" x 132"


Professionalism � Fact: "Word of Mouth" sells more goods and services than any other form of advertising. DFI has continually had a vision to provide a value added service today with a clear focus on the requirements of tomorrow. Image is everything, and everything a company does, the good and the bad, contributes to its image. DFI will respond to your request for quotation and the information the customer provides will be required before an accurate bid proposal can be submitted. Written quotations that spell out exactly what will be done, for exactly how much, are key attributes to a professional metal finishing company. Anything less is unacceptable to DFI.   Our professionalism is enhanced by our membership in the Powder Coating Institute.



Location � The "convenience factor" of a company located nearby may seem obvious, but do not let this issue become the sole issue for selecting a Custom Coater. DFI values your business and understands that all customers are not neighbors. Understand that delivery costs must be considered in the price comparison; however, location alone should not be a significant factor with customer support issues. With today's computer, fax, and digital image technology, sales, customer service, and quality issues can often be handled without the time and expense of a person to person visit. Although the personal touch is important to DFI�s business relationships, we are also interested in maximizing the use of time and human resources. This is true for both the finisher and the fabricator.